You're invited to get free

from the suffering that hijacks the life and peace of mind that is possible.

I offer a way to transform suffering. Worrying, feeling stuck, self-defeating patterns, confusion/doubt, trauma, intimacy obstacles and countless other forms of distress can be transformed.

When we suffer less, we live more.

We're freed up to heal, rest, grow and thrive.

This collaborative process involves cultivating awareness, studying connections and disconnections, identifying and strengthening resources, and integrating all the different, sometimes conflicting, aspects of one's self. This modern form of psychotherapy offers a real opportunity to alleviate distress and to work through the root causes within the containing safety of the therapy room.

Doing this inner work with a skilled guide brings out your own innate wisdom and compassion. And for both individuals and couples alike, the confidence to handle issues arises naturally.

This process opens doors to connection, resolution and authenticity.

Taking leadership of your life

Internal Family Systems (IFS) Therapy is a clear, non-pathologizing, empowering, body-focused modality that grows a reconnection to one's healthy and authentic core.​ Fostering and expanding self-compassion and curiosity about one's Self, IFS​ helps​ identify and then deepen our understanding of the various parts of our personalities. Traumas ​and unhealthy patterns ​and their associated negative beliefs, attitudes and feelings learned earlier in life, get seen and tended to, unburdening your system and bringing forth balance and aliveness.

Simply put, IFS therapy clarifies and deepens reconnection to one's healthy and authentic core​, establishing you, not your fears or limiting beliefs, as the leader of your precious life.